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The product name

821 putty auxiliary material

Summary information
The product description

The specification and application of 821 neutral putty additive are introduced


Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc-ih218)
Application features:
1, putty with a strong thixotropy
2, make the paste anti - droop, fluffy delicate
3, batch scraping easy smooth, anti - hanging, anti - cracking, good filling
4, make putty with good water lock
821 special rubber powder for putty
Application features:
1, do not react with gray calcium, cement
2. Good construction and thixotropy
3, batch scraping a pull to the end, with good smoothness
4, good stability molding, no flow hanging, easy to grind, can be repeatedly pressed
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (400mPa. S, 800mPa. S)
Application features:
1. It has good dispersion and film-forming property
2, with a strong thixotropy and water lock
3, improve the bond strength of putty, firm and smooth, smooth and delicate surface
4, good stability molding, no flow hanging, easy to grind, can be repeatedly pressed
Special pre-gelatinized starch (yh-100)
Application features:
1, used in the inner wall putty, can reduce the formula cost
2, can significantly improve the construction performance of putty
3. Putty strength can be improved
4. It is also suitable for putty formula with cement and gray calcium

Recommended formula 1:


Calcium carbonate (200-325 mesh) --1000 kg
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (cmc-ih218) --8-10 kg
Tailor-made pre-gelatinized starch --6-9 kg
The formula system paste has good thixotropy, the state is fluffy and delicate, the batch scraping is easy and smooth, anti - hanging, anti - cracking, good filling
Recommended formula 2:

Calcium carbonate (200-325 mesh) --1000 kg

821 putty special rubber powder --3-4 kg
Special pre-gelatinized starch (yh-100) --6-9 kg 
The formula system does not react with gray calcium, low cost, good construction, easy to scrape smooth, semi-dry after repeated compression, no dedusting
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