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Mechanized spraying mortar

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Features of mechanized spraying mortar:

Mechanized spraying (plastering) is to mix the good mortar, through the shaker after pouring into the mortar transport pump, through the pipeline, with the help of the pressure of air compressor, mortar continuous evenly sprayed on the wall and ceiling, and then after leveling rub solid, plastering finish.
Mechanized spraying mortar is suitable for plastering the bottom and middle layers of plaster mortar, mixed mortar and cement-based mortar. In recent years, the advent of multi-functional equipment, and began to be used for mechanized spraying cover mortar, for the realization of the mechanical construction of plastering project to create conditions.

Advantages of mechanized mortar spraying:

1. Shorten the construction period, reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. The efficiency of mechanized spraying is more than 3 times that of manual spraying.
2. Save expenses and reduce costs. Improve efficiency and save labor costs, improve construction quality and save raw material costs.
3. Improve construction quality. Manual plastering operation, after working for a long time, physical strength decreases, the strength of ash pressure will also decline, resulting in the later plastering density and the difference between the early; Mechanical spraying can be kept constant.
4. Civilized construction on site. Reduce dust pollution, dust can be reused at any time, reduce construction waste generation.
5. Meet the application of special purposes and special materials. Mechanical spraying can be used to achieve grouting, slope protection, plugging, repair and other engineering construction.

Application characteristics of "shengheng" cellulose ether:

1, medium viscosity cellulose ether, used to improve the water retention, viscosity, fluidity and strength of gypsum based spraying mortar
2. The overall effect is consistent
Recommended products: MK20000S, MK40000S, MK60000S
Technical indicators: polymer type HPMC, HEMC
Physical properties: continuous water retention, compactness, fastness, stability
Application: gypsum foundation masonry, wall plastering and spraying, etc
Recommended dosage: 2%-4% of cementitious material
Note: medium viscosity cellulose ether is used to improve the water retention, viscosity, fluidity and strength of plaster-based sprayed mortar.
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