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The product name

Self-leveling mortar, grouting material

Summary information
The product description

Wall putty product features:

The use of cellulose ether products can improve the rheology and constructivity of all floor materials, improve the convenience of field construction, strengthen the foundation, and smooth surface.

Typical applications:

Industrial and civil floor materials, reinforcement materials
Cement base, gypsum base self-leveling mortar and thick layer leveling mortar
Self-leveling pad and surface mortar
Large equipment foundation reinforcement, secondary grouting

Application characteristics of "shengheng" cellulose ether:

1. Improved leveling, surface aesthetics and wear resistance
2. Improve tensile bonding strength and folding strength of various substrates
3. Improved stability, reduced segregation and bleeding tendency
4. The product is light and high strength


Recommended products: MK400, MK20000

Technical indicators: polymer type HPMC, HEMC
Physical properties: stability, water retention
Application: cement, gypsum - based self - leveling mortar, self - leveling mortar and cement - based grouting materials
Recommended dosage: 0.5-1% of cementitious material
Note: low viscosity cellulose ether, used to improve the viscosity, stability and water retention of floor mortar, later enhanced significantly.
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