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The product name

The wall putty

Summary information
The product description

Wall putty product features:

Flexible external wall putty (R)

The flexible putty is suitable for the external walls of buildings in northern China, and its high flexibility can resist the local great temperature changes

Toughness external wall putty (P)

Ductile external wall putty is suitable for the external wall of buildings in south China, with high adhesion, suitable for the environment with small temperature difference and more rain

Interior wall putty (Y)

Suitable for general interior decoration

Flexible putty for inner wall (R)

It is suitable for interior decoration with certain requirements of crack resistance

Inner wall water-resistant putty (N)

It is suitable for interior decoration projects where high bond strength and water resistance are required

Typical applications:

All substrates, indoor and outdoor (concrete, brick, old ceramic tile, cement fibreboard, etc.)
Application characteristics of "shengheng" cellulose ether:
Comprehensively improve the bond of putty, smoothness, secondary construction

Recommended products: MK40000, MK75000

Technical indicators: polymer type HPMC, HEMC

Physical properties: water retention, smoothness, opening time

Application: standard, high quality, outdoor application

Recommended dosage: 2%-4% of cementitious material


1, modified medium viscosity cellulose ether, used to improve the water retention, viscosity, construction and strength of putty

2, good modification of low viscosity cellulose ether, specially designed for putty

3. It is used to improve the smoothness, water retention, viscosity, constructivity, opening time and especially water-resistant bond strength of the formula

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