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Ceramic manufacturing

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The product name

Textile printing and dyeing

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 Textile printing and dyeing is also called dyeing and finishing. It is a kind of processing method, and also the general name of pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, washing water, etc.; Undergraduate dyeing and finishing major has now been incorporated into the light chemical engineering major; As early as 6 or 7, 000 years ago in the neolithic period, our ancestors were able to dye sackcloth red with hematite powder. The primitive tribes living in nuomuhong area of qaidam basin in qinghai can dye wool into yellow, red, brown, blue and other colors and weave wool cloth with color stripes. During the shang and zhou dynasties, dyeing techniques were constantly improved. In the palace manual workshop, there were full-time officials "dyeing people" to "handle dyeing grass" to manage dyeing production. The colors are also increasing. By the han dynasty, dyeing techniques had reached a fairly high level.
(1) the dye is made into a solution or dispersion of a certain medium, and the fiber is dyed by the physical, chemical or physico-chemical combination between the dye and the fiber.
(2) the dye intermediates can be chemically used to generate pigments on the fibers to give the textiles a certain color.
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