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A detergent is a specially formulated product used in washing by a washing process. The main components are usually composed of surfactants, washing AIDS and additives. There are many kinds of detergent, according to the types of dirt removal, can be divided into heavy scale detergent and light scale detergent; According to the shape of the product can be divided into powder, block, paste, paste and liquid and other forms.
Detergents can be divided into industrial detergents and civil detergents.
Industrial detergents include oil removal detergents, wax removal detergents, liquid crystal detergents, cold removal (room temperature washing), derusting detergents, aluminate removal and other varieties.
Civil detergents have detergent, hand sanitizer, soap, detergent, all-purpose detergent.
Detergents can be divided into water-based detergents and organic solvent detergents.
Water - based detergent is the solvent for water, such as oil detergent, detergent, detergent and so on.
Organic solvent detergent solvent for organic solvents, such as trichloroethylene, acetone (nail water), day that water, open oil water, white oil.
(1) water base type
Water is detergent, with any other detergent can not replace the role and position. Ordinary water is easily obtained from nature. Water has a strong dissolving and dispersing power. However, the surface tension of water is large, so it is necessary to add surfactants to reduce the surface tension and increase the surface wettability. In general industrial washing, acid, alkali and water with more common, some metal water to add anti-rust agent; In industrial washing. Most require water to be purified. Water purity is usually measured by resistivity. The semiconductor industry demand in more than 18 m Ω/cm. Type and TN LCD production 10 m Ω/cm is ok, and some industry is very strict with bacteria.
In recent years, severe water shortages in parts of China have posed challenges to washing water. Some cities have banned the use of ordinary water to wash cars, but only recycled reclaimed water, or atomized water water-saving equipment. It is expensive to prepare pure water in precise industrial washing. Washing must be heated and dried, adding many rinsing stations. High energy consumption, operating costs are usually higher than solvent washing; In addition, in the past, a large amount of waste water containing chemical surfactants and dirt was discharged directly without treatment. Some also carry toxic heavy metals, seriously polluting the environment and increasing sewage treatment facilities.
Half water base
Semi - water - based detergent is also called quasi - water - based detergent, is composed of high boiling point solvents and active agents such as alcohol, organic hydrocarbons. Usually contains 5% to 20% of moisture, generally not easy to burn, but when heating washing water content control is not appropriate, may produce burning phenomenon. Semi-aqueous washing is a little different from solvent washing in that the washing principle is stripping and removing rather than dissolving. In order to prevent peeling oil from being attached to the washed object, the washing liquid should be continuously recycled and an oil-water separator should be added. Semi-washing usually has a good washing effect, but the operation cost is high, the waste liquid cannot be recycled and reused, and the COD (chemical oxygen consumption) is high, which requires wastewater treatment.
(3) solvent
Solvent - based detergent is an organic solvent insoluble in water. The main non-drainage detergents used in industrial washing are organic solvents such as hydrocarbon (petroleum), chlorinated hydrocarbon, fluorocarbon, brominated hydrocarbon, alcohol, organic silicone oil and terpene.


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Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), main technical indicators:

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White or white-like fibrous or granular powder

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