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Putty layer bubble, empty drum is how to cause, how should handle?
Putty layer empty drum, bubbling, the main reason is the base and putty layer between the existence of gas, and why the air did not follow the normal diffusion to the surface layer and the internal diffusion to the base layer, but in the middle, the main reasons are as follows: There is a dense layer between the base layer and the putty layer, such as using glue, zengmu bao or wall occlusion without adding water for interface treatment, so that air cannot normally diffuse to the base layer. Solution: if the wall bubble or empty drum is small, it can be processed by polishing and then interface treatment with wall occlusion, and then batch scraping; If the wall cavity drum is large, has caused a large area of fall off, it is recommended to remove all the wall occlusion treatment, and then batch scraping.
How is putty layer powdery serious cause, how should handle?
Putty dry powder, investigate its root cause, can be attributed to the bond system did not play its role, and why the bond system, whether it is inorganic binder or organic binder lost effect, can be considered from the following aspects: 1 putty itself binder quality problems; 2 binder didn't work, the adhesive mechanism of adhesive is containing the wet powder mortar, as the moisture absorption at the grassroots level, the hydraulic material consumption, to reduce air volatilization three aspects on the surface, the resin particles gradually close, interface gradually blurred, resin gradually mutual confluence, to eventually become a continuous polymer connecting, this process occurs mainly in mortar hole and solid surface, so to form the bonding effect. However, if we scrape putty layer is too thin or forced ventilation or heating drying after scraping, water will be lost too quickly, and the resin particles of the binder cannot form a connector well, thus losing the bonding effect. Solution: light powder can be removed with wet towel floating ash, and then wall occlusion for interface treatment, and then batch scraping can pay attention to the batch scraping thickness; If the powder of putty layer is serious, it is suggested to use wall occlusion for interface treatment after eradication and then conduct batch scraping.
How is putty layer craze caused, how should handle?
Putty cracking reasons are various, there are external reasons, there are internal reasons. Externally, the dry and wet changes form the dry shrinkage crack; Temperature change and cold shrinkage cause temperature crack; Deformation of wall structure caused by static load structural cracks. From the inside, product quality, construction technology (batch scraping thickness, interface processing), maintenance mode and many other factors may cause putty cracking. Solutions: A. small cracks caused by dry and wet, temperature change or over-thickness scraping: it can be polished and brushed with wall occlusion to control the thickness; B. For the big crack caused by excessive scraping, remove the wall brush occlusion and then proceed with putty; C. For the big crack caused by the wall cracking, remove the post-painted wall occlusion, paste the grid cloth, and then conduct putty scraping. If the wall crack is large, the wall shall be treated;
How to use putty powder, putty powder use method and matters needing attention
Usage of putty powder: 1, the base should be solid, clean, roughly smooth, no clear water, the strength of the base should be greater than or close to the strength of putty. 2. The base course with strong water absorption should be moistened with water or sprayed with glue for sealing treatment before blowing putty (consistency should be suitable for construction). 3, new plastered cement wall should be in the maintenance period after scraping putty. 4. Stir evenly according to the proportion of putty powder: water = 1:0.5, let it stand for 10 ~ 20 minutes and stir evenly again before use. 5, with steel scraper or spatula according to the conventional batch scraping, scraping coating times can not be too much, usually batch scraping twice, the second coating in the former coating dry condition can be constructed. 6. The thickness of batch scraping is 0.8 ~ 1.5mm, and the dosage is 1 ~ 1.5kg/㎡. 7, putty dry, with 320# or 240# sandpaper for polishing, as soon as possible paint or paste wallpaper. 8, dosage: under the condition of formation at the base level, each kilogram of putty powder can be about 0.8 -- 1.2 square meters (two batches) of the formation of the wall. Matters needing attention when using putty powder: 1. Keep it waterproof and moisture-proof. The storage period is six months. 2. The construction temperature is above 0℃. Putty powder should be used within 4-5 hours after it is adjusted into a paste to avoid prolonged deterioration. 3. Putty powder shall not be used on the same construction surface with other putty to avoid chemical reaction and chromatic aberration
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