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The rapid growth of environmental protection coatings, such as water, has gradually become the mainstream of the coatings field

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In today's coating industry, environmental protection is one of the inevitable themes. In this context, environmental protection coating rapid growth, gradually become the mainstream of the developmen
In today's coating industry, environmental protection is one of the inevitable themes. In this context, environmental protection coating rapid growth, gradually become the mainstream of the development of coatings. Waterborne coating is a rapid development of environmental coatings in the field, there are many mature products and technology to market. Waterborne coating is a kind of coating with water as solvent or dispersive medium. It has the characteristics of green and environmental protection. With the global countries pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the use of water-based coatings instead of has become an inevitable trend.
Since the appearance of the 1960s, waterborne coatings after many years of development, has formed a variety of varieties, multi-functional, multi-purpose, multi-specification of the huge system. Although China's water-based coating industry started late, but with the rapid economic development, water-based coating has made great progress, in the furniture office coating wood coating water-based trend is obvious. Despite the great success of water-based coatings, there is still a long way to go to completely replace other types of coatings.
At the same time, the development of the coating industry is inseparable from the standard specification and guidance. Released recently, the ministry announced the ministry of industry and information technology about 2018 group standard application demonstration project list of notice "(miit letter [2018] no. 469), China coating industry association led the establishment of the green design product evaluation specification waterborne architectural coatings" was listed in 2018, "community standard application demonstration project". "Green design product evaluation technical specification for waterborne architectural coatings", as the technical specification for green design product evaluation in the coating industry, is of great significance for standardizing and guiding the development of the coating industry. It is conducive to boosting and expanding the social influence of green product policies and enhancing the social effect. Moreover, it can further promote brand construction, guide consumption, and meet the requirements of industrial structure transformation and supply-side structural reform. A series of coating industry standards have been implemented to promote the transformation of the coating industry. It is believed that with the increasing attention of the government to environmental protection, and the paint industry standards are increasingly perfect, tu enterprises will also accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.
In the future in the formulation of standards and carry out research work, but also actively develop green, sustainable, developed coating coating technology, and continue to expand the application of waterborne coatings, in order to further release the market potential of waterborne coatings. At the same time, on the existing basis, the development of high performance, high function water-based coating. In general, waterborne coatings is one of the important development trends in the paint industry, the prospects are very broad. But to play a greater role, but also need to work on performance, from the root of the replacement of non-environmental protection coating.
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