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Product name: sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) for industrial use

Product description: white or yellow powder, odorless, non-toxic, tasteless; Hygroscopicity is strong, soluble in water into a viscous liquid.

Product properties: it is a polyanion electrolyte, no fermentation, with salt resistance and thermal stability, good film formation, is a strong emulsifier for oil.

Properties and features:

1. Applied in architectural coatings (putty powder and putty paste), it has good dispersion effect and uniform coating distribution;

 2. It can be used to protect oil Wells as mud stabilizer and water retention agent in oil drilling. The dosage of each oil well is 2.3 tons for shallow Wells and 5.6 tons for deep Wells.

 3, in detergent, CMC can be used as anti dirt redeposition agent, especially on hydrophobic synthetic fiber fabric anti dirt redeposition effect, significantly better than carboxy methyl fiber.

 4. Used in textile industry as sizing agent, thickener of printing and dyeing pulp, textile printing and stiffening finishing. Used for sizing agent can improve solubility and viscosity, and easy desizing;

 5, can be used as a coating anti-sink agent, emulsifier, dispersant, leveling agent, adhesive, can make the solid part of the coating evenly distributed in the solvent, so that the coating is not stratified for a long time, also a large number of applications in paint.

6, in the paper industry as a paper sizing agent, can significantly improve the dry strength and wet strength of paper and oil resistance, ink absorption and water resistance.

 7, CMC can be used as flocculating agent, chelating agent, emulsifier, thickener, water retention agent, sizing agent, film forming material and so on, also widely used in electronics, pesticide, leather, plastic, printing, ceramics, toothpaste, daily chemical and other fields, and due to its excellent properties and wide range of USES, and constantly develop new application areas, the market prospect is extremely broad.

1. Packaging:

(1) the packaging of this product is divided into two layers, the inner layer is made of polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is made of paper and plastic composite bag.

(2) net weight 25kg per bag;

2. Storage and transportation :

(1) no damage shall be caused during transportation; As this product is easy to damp, pay attention to the rain, sun and moisture;

 (2) store in a ventilated and dry place, seal the unfinished part in time, pay attention to moisture; 

Cleaning products

In detergent, CMC can be used as anti-dirt redeposition agent, especially for hydrophobic synthetic fiber fabric anti-dirt redeposition effect, significantly better than carboxy methyl fiber

Industrial concentration

Used in bentonite industry, can be used as viscosifier and filter loss reducing agent, different types of CMC play different roles.

Architectural coatings

Applied to architectural coatings (putty powder, putty paste), with good dispersion, uniform coating distribution;

In oil drilling, it can be used to protect oil Wells as mud stabilizer and water retention agent. The amount of each oil well is 2.3 tons for shallow Wells and 5.6 tons for deep Wells

Oil drilling