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Product name: industrial hydrox yethyl cellulose (HEC)

Product description: white or yellow powder, odorless, non-toxic, tasteless; Hygroscopicity is strong, soluble in water into a viscous liquid.

Product nature:

1. Insoluble in general organic solvents.

2. The viscosity changes little when the PH value is within the range of 2-12, but the viscosity decreases beyond this range.

3, with thickening, suspension, bonding, emulsification, dispersion, moisture retention and protective colloid properties,it can prepare different viscosity range of solutions.

4. It is unstable under normal temperature and pressure to avoid humidity, heat and high temperature. It has exceptionally good salt solubility to the dielectric.



1. Used as adhesives, surfactants, colloid protectants, dispersants, emulsifiers and dispersing stabilizers;

2. It is widely used in petroleum exploitation, coating, ink, fiber, dyeing, paper making, cosmetics, pesticides, mineral dressing, oil recovery and medicine.


Packaging storage and transportation:

1) The packaging of this product is divided into inner and outer layers, the inner layer is made of polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is made of paper and plastic composite bag;

 2) Net weight 25kg per bag;

2. Storage and transportation:

1) no damage shall be caused during transportation; As this product is easy to damp, pay attention to the rain, sun and moisture;

 2) store in a ventilated and dry place during storage. Seal the unused parts in a timely manner and keep away from moisture.



The paper


Ore dressing


Oil drilling



Oil recovery and medicine