Set r & d, sales, services in one of the cellulose ether product operators




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Talent concept

Shengheng new material technology

Set r & d, sales, services in one of the cellulose ether products professional operators

Put morality first -- pay attention to quality first in selecting candidates;
Professional dedication is the foundation of achievement and sustainable development.
Use of materials -- put the right people in the right positions;
Team winning - limited personal ability, give full play to the power of the team to achieve results.
SHENGHENG is in the selection of the first inspection of moral character, pay attention to the virtues of people; In the use of personnel according to the characteristics of each person, expertise, the right person to use the right post, do people post match.
Dedication is the foundation of SHENGHENG entrepreneurship, SHENGHENG people need to always adhere to the duty, but also SHENGHENG future development of the foothold; SHENGHENG attaches great importance to team cooperation. The strength of any individual is limited. Only by fully relying on and giving full play to the strength of the team can we win in the market and create achievements.

Personnel strategy mechanism

On the basis of realizing the management informationization, we should further perfect the performance-oriented incentive and assessment system

Personnel strategic objectives


 Strive to build a high-quality, professional team of business operators, the formation of enterprise management team