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Present situation and development trend of cellulose ether in China

Cellulose ether industry in China, the process and equipment have made considerable progress in recent years, many links have been updated and transformed, from cellulose raw material crushing, alkalization, etherification, washing, solvent recovery, drying and mixing links, new equipment, new technology and technology have been constantly studied and applied. At present in the product performance index, quality, variety and other aspects of rapid development and progress.

Refined and improved CMC, HPMC and HEC petroleum, food, medicine, building materials, electronics, polymer polymer grade refinement of product performance index and quality, and intensified price disparity.
2. Product variety is increasing

To improve the quality of raw materials, perfect the optimization of equipment and system control has obvious influence on the improvement of product grade. In the production of cellulose mixed ether, especially in the production and development of ionic and non-ionic mixed ether, cellulose ether modifier and cellulose ether ester. Medical grade cellulose ether HPMCAS as an example, it is a kind of water insoluble cellulose mixed ether diester, in the glucose residue on the alcohol hydroxyl or hydroxy propoxy hydroxyl is connected with methoxy, acetyl, succinyl three groups. The content of functional groups has a direct effect on the solubility of the product. It is very important to strengthen the basic research on the quantitative relationship between the structure and properties of such materials. In addition, own intellectual property rights, strict implementation of product production, packaging and other links of GMP standards, reasonable control of the main and secondary process conditions in the production process, the establishment of a sound post-treatment process and the solution of environmental pollution are necessary conditions for development; Mixed ether containing unsaturated double bond and poly hydroxy cellulose ether are also one of the novel ethers.

In addition, there is still a serious situation that the link between the manufacturer and the user of cellulose ether is weak. No attention on the one hand, cellulose ether production enterprises, marketing also is blind, even a common several typical cellulose ether, also lack of proper technology for user account, the specific problems encountered in the user use process will not be able to solve in time, let alone lead customers, hope more and more colleges and universities, research institutes involved in cellulose ether deeper research, its broad heaven and earth.

HPMC is widely used in building materials, food additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical materials, because it has water soluble thickener, drug release regulator performance, however, for the same specifications of different batches of cellulose ether is often shown different properties, such as turbidity point, drug release when the pill is coated. Further research on the relationship between production process-structural features-performance can better help solve problems and develop more new applications.


Future development trend of cellulose ether in China:

1) environmental protection facilities and technologies are improved and enforced;

2) industrial capacity will be improved at the adaptive level;

3) integration, merger, marketization and internationalization of some leading enterprises

4) cellulose ether research and development center will be established

5) industry associations will play more roles

6) improve national standards and participate in the revision of international standards

7) the variety of products increased, and the quality and equipment were improved qualitatively