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Scientific innovation, product upgrading and diversification

1. Industry prospect

Cellulose is a rich natural organic renewable resource on the earth, which comes from green land plants, undersea plants and animals. It is a natural organic polymer resource with large production capacity and wide influence on industries. Currently, the utilization rate of human is less than one hundred thousand. As the oil crisis and synthetic chemical raw materials in short supply and rising prices, and the world of increasingly attach importance to the problem of environmental pollution, cheap and fine, biodegradable, nontoxic and biocompatibility good resources renewable cellulose derivatives in the research, development and high value-added application has entered a new stage of development, expansion, which is mainly composed of cellulose high value-added utilization of natural resources is the need of national renewable energy development strategy.

Cellulose industry, is a great promising world!

2. Scientific innovation, product upgrading and diversification

Company is in the process of rapid development, according to the requirements of establishing modern enterprise system, standardize the company system, and continuously strengthen and improve enterprise management, has accumulated rich experience in investment management, and with the local government, finance, enterprises, research institutes and other units to establish good relations of cooperation, the introduction of advanced technology, improve the company in the fiber industry of scientific research and development, production and marketing, scientific management level, to do the cellulose industry scale, strength and stronger.


Scientific innovation, product upgrading and diversification

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Industry prospect